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SupplyChain@AppState is an online journal dedicated to publishing articles by supply chain students at Appalachian State University from MBA5220, SCM3660, and SCM3690 classes. Instructors may nominate student articles that represent a range Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Operations Management topics. We are looking for works that are substantive, imaginative, carefully composed, designed, and edited, and address an important topic in supply chain management relevant to current challenges being faced by businesses and professionals in supply chain management

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SupplyChain@AppState is now accepting nominations from SCM instructors.  We are looking for research and trade style articles written under the direction of our MBA5220, SCM3690, and SCM3660 course offerings.  In these topical areas, we seek a range of topics and interests that reflect the wide panorama of intellectual engagement among our students. View Journal Article Guidelines.

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MBA5220, SCM3690, and SCM3660 faculty members may nominate any articles for a current class or for a class held since Jan. 1, 2013.  The nominated work may be revised before submission and is limited to a maximum of 3,000 words not counting references.  Please note that students may request that a teacher nominate their work.

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